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The Stranger family from the Leitengut farm

Farmer Markus

Markus, farmer and carpenter, manages the agriculture on the farm, and his special passion is the natural material wood, because there’s always something to build and mend at the Leitengut farm.

Farmer's wife Monika

Moni, the farmer’s wife, housewife, mother and now also grandmother, helps with the farm, looks after the welfare of our guests and the apartments. She also loves baking delicious cakes and pastries.

Grandma Hanni

Grandmother Hanni still helps out in the stable and house and takes tender loving care of her great-grandchildren; she is the “good soul” of the Leitengut.


Stefanie, Markus, Juliane & Florian

Stefanie is married with two children. Markus is the heir to the farm, he works at the “Lagerhaus” agricultural supply store in summer, at the ski lift in winter and helps out extensively on the farm. Juliane is also married with one child. Florian, our youngest, is still at school.

Leitengut holiday farm | Stranger family

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